Wall Saw Cutting

We cut the concrete slabs and mass foundation beds in required size and shape using the advent of Diamond Blade Technology. It cuts concrete and rod. Diamond Blades will be use full for wall and slabs of thickness up to one meter. It is also called as Wall Saw machine since it is much used Sawing walls and Slabs upto 800mm thick.


Using a track mounted machine, this method of cutting concrete makes use of a flat blade which will give a smooth and straight surface finish. This equipment can cut up to 550 mm deep.

Wire Saw Cutting

We provide a range of wire saw cutting services, Diamond wire cutting (DWC) is the process of using wire of various diameters and lengths, impregnated with diamond dust of various sizes to cut through materials. Because of the hardness of diamonds, this cutting technique can cut through almost any material that is softer than the diamond abrasive.


SKD Constructions are wire sawing experts and have successfully employed diamond wire sawing to complete some of the most complex construction projects.

Floor Saw Cutting

We are engaged in providing an extensive services of Floor Saw cutting. Our raw material is procured from the most reliable & trusted vendors of the market. These machines are extensively used in the construction industry for several purposes. Our machines are tested on several parameters by the quality controllers and developed in sync with the prevailing industrial standards.


At SKD Constructions we also specialise in the cutting of internal floor slabs. We can achieve cutting up to 700 mm thick in environments such as factories, supermarkets, hospitals and factories where speed of operation and consideration of location are imperative. We can also cut expansion joints up to 50 mm wide quickly and accurately with our self-propelled joint cutting saws.