Vacuum Dewatering

The floor construction has been one on the serious concerns of Architect, Engineers and users, A high quality concrete floor need not only be leveled it should also have a high compressive strength, minimize dusting at bare minimum cost. The De-watering system is designed to eliminate the ill effects of extra water presence inside the concrete. Through Vacuum treatment, the surplus water is removed from the concrete, which means that the water/cement ratio is drastically reduced after placing, A lowered water/cement ratio automatically leads to noticeable improvement of almost each of concrete properties.


The vacuum dewatering system TREMIX is for laying high quality concrete floors where the cost being very economical. The compressive strength of vacuum treated concrete at the age of 28 days is 40 to 60% higher than that for normal concrete. Vacuum dewatering process removes surplus water always present in the concrete. This is done using the Vacuum Equipment comprising of Suction Mat Top Cover, Filter pads and Vaccum Pump. The process starts immediately after surface vibration.

Stamping Work

Stampcrete System is cast-in-place concrete, integrally colored and stamped with texturing tools to produce a surface similar to natural stone, brick, slate and other paving materials. Stampcrete Color Hardener is specially formulated to be easily incorporated into the durable, abrasion-resistant surfaces, which offer streak-free vibrant colors, providing an attractive and long-lasting finish for any type of traffic.


Stampcrete hardeners are longer wearing, easier to maintain, and more resistant to the effects of freeze/thaw cycles and salts. Textured surfaces may be implemented with this system to give authentic appearance variations wherever applicable.